Potential action: 2018


In the interest of generating more inspirational content, and sharing the light within each of us, The Be MORE Tour is a developing dream-concept: a cross-country van tour taking note of the sunny side of life, sharing it through content creation & community building, and giving back with gratitude as we go. Selfies aren't the point, sharing the beauty of what's out there is...


This Be MORE Tour has infinite potential. We want to take a giant film-making road trip. We want to connect and document our natural surroundings, as well as people making the world better by being themselves, following their passion, learning why they are the way they are and doing projects they believe in. People all across this country have inspiring messages, important things to say, and we can make it our job to shine a spotlight on them. 


We travel from city to city. As we're on the road, we spend less and create more- more art, community, good, connection. We'll stop along the way, and will make points to:


1. Interview people giving back through their work and passion projects

2. Edit and share their stories through social media, film-making/ photographing as we go.

3. Champion a volunteer day, giving back through community cause & awareness

4. Host a community potluck so that we can get to know each other away from screens

5. Get outside for hikes, camping, and taking in the unique natural beauty as we travel.

6. Incorporate healthy mindful practices along the way

7. Stop to smell the flowers.


Dislike less, love more.

Take less, give more.

Buy less, create more.

Interrupt less, listen more.

Want less, have more.

Screens less, experience more.

Worry less, be more.


The journey is the destination, and we gotta get on the road.


Be MORE Now Films is an independent film production company, completely funded through your donations.  Please check out the 'donate' tab at the top of this page and help us keep making these film dreams come true.



What is the Be MORE Tour?