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We treasure building community and working with others. We've joined forces with, been supported by & truly appreciate these organizations, publications & podcasts for recognizing & believing in us. Our intent is for this list to grow every year and working together is how we want to grow. Thank you for sharing the ride!

True to its name, Live for Live Music is operated by and delivered to a targeted audience of avid concertgoers and experienced music business professionals. L4LM’s Media Outlet provides up-to-date news, engaging reviews, show calendars, event photos, interviews, and creative feature-length articles.

Surrender to the Flow is a free, community publication for fans of the band Phish that has been around since 1998.  We provide our readers with reviews, travel information, stories, interviews, history, comedy, essays, surveys, and more, all written by fans with the fellow fan in mind, with original artwork featured along with it.

Under the Scales is a podcast by Tom Marshall, longtime songwriter for the band Phish. The podcast captures and brings to light the rich and complex culture surrounding Phish and its diverse, devoted fanbase. Phish’s quirky sense of humor pervades and steers the podcast. Tom will interview the band, fans, insiders, outsiders…and dare to go UNDER THE SCALES to uncover the beating heart of Phish!

As live music lovers ourselves we found that there is live music being streamed every day, but with no curated resource indexing this music it can be difficult to discover. Community being a driving force in the music scene ShowTheShow was created in summer 2015 to provide a simple resource for music lovers to discover great live streaming concerts. As members of the music community we only index legal streams, we believe in and support musicians and artists and understand that they rely on our support to continue creating the music and art we enjoy. In summer 2016 ShowTheShow teamed up with as our live stream partner, resulting in the integration of the LiveList streaming player to

The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. is an unconventional organization, in many regards. It is an all-volunteer non-profit organization of Phish fans, founded to raise money for charity. The original project was the compilation of the most factually accurate and delightfully literary book on Phish’s music available, with contributions from as many fans as possible. The Foundation now produces a wider range of resources and diversions for fans, including a Phish cover album.

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy.

We stage voter registration drives at concerts and run programs that translate the power of music into real action. By reaching young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – we make civic participation easy and fun. To get a real sense of who we are, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Phish, and things related to Phish - streaming live 24/7!

Relix is a music magazine focusing on live music with a focus on band interviews, album reviews, concert festivals, music videos, podcasts, musician classifieds, and show reviews.

Established in 1998, JamBase is the premier destination online for fans of live music. By providing the largest database of show listings and ticket information, authoritative content and personalization tools for fans, JamBase connects music fans with the music they love and empowers them to go see live music. Originally founded by fans for fans, JamBase quickly evolved to serve all lovers of live music, while providing a platform for musicians to be discovered. Today, more than 700,000 people participate in the JamBase community every month and rely on the website and mobile app to find the most accurate show listings available for 65,000 artists across 50 genres, performing in 75,000 venues worldwide. JamBase is headquartered in San Francisco.