Music videos are fun. They're contained, exciting to make and if the song and visuals match, the end result can make a lasting impression. It's a beautiful creative process.


From the universe to the tiniest grain of sand, we are all in it together, and music unites us.  Songwriters and artists throughout history reflect their surroundings and the times we live in. I am inspired by such songs and delight in placing images to these soundtracks, generating content that can reflect and positively affect society.


Currently in production is this growing series of music videos, featuring contemporary folk-songs by our favorite musicians. These videos document and reflect our world and surroundings, and how we choose to radiate during our short time here together. The intention of the videos is to inspire hope and love when optimism is harder to find. Unbeknownst to me when I made it, 'More' by Phish/ The MORE Project was the first of such songs in this series.


If you have a song you'd like me to illustrate, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be delighted to collaborate.


The time is now. And now. And now.



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Now Songs: Music Video Series