Volunteering feels good. If you're interested to get involved, there are numerous things you can do to get out and get involved.


We need help, too!

We are frequently looking for visual artists, designers, sound-designers, editors, assistant editors, collaborators, videographers/ cinematographers, planners, producers, fund-raisers, connectors, writers, lawyers, advisors, musicians, etc, to keep the flow going.  If you are interested, please don't hesitate to let us know more about you, what you love, what you do, and what inspires you. 


Below are positions we need immediate assistance with:


Non-profit Status Achiever:  We would love to become a non-profit, and are intimidated by the process. If you feel connected to our mission and are willing to help actualize this need, we'd very much appreciate your time, creativity and energy. 


Assistant Film/ Video Editor: We have numerous film projects on the table at any given time. We could use a hand in the technical side of video production. Perhaps you could help us?


Grant Researcher/ Writer: There are many funding grants we'd like to apply for, for Be MORE Now and Be MORE Now Films. Perhaps you could help us?


Film Festival Researcher/ Submissions Expert:  We'd love for our projects to reach a wider audience. Perhaps you could help us?


Donations/ Sponsor Finder/ Executive Producer: Finding money is not our strength, yet we rely on donations, funding and sponsorship to stay afloat. Perhaps you could help us?


If any of these positions interest you, please reach out to kelly@bemorenow.org. ThThank you so much for your time, erergy and enthusiasm.